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Blue Light, Inc. is the General Distributor of Treasure of the East® brand herbs and is the Sole representative of Tian Jiang pharmaceutical Co, Ltd in the United States. All Treasure of the East herbs are exclusively made for Blue Light's professional customers by TianJian Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Since it was founded in 1994, Blue Light, Inc. has earned a strong reputation for providing high quality herbs, excellent customer service, and expertise in the field of Chinese herbology to health care professionals nationwide.

Health Professionals may order Treasure of the East® a full line of Chinese herb granules for your dispensaries.

Let us know how we may best serve your herbal needs!

Welcome New Distributors & Proprietary Brand Inquirers

If you are interested to be a new distributor of Treasure of the East herbs or if you need proprietary band labels for your school or company by TianJiang Pharmaceutical, please feel free to contact 1-888-258-3548.

  • 世界中医药云学堂
  • E-learning of World Chinese Medicine
  • Monthly Specials For December

    X105c|Xiao Yao Wan
    Price Unavailable
    X145c|Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
    Price Unavailable
    X150c|Xun Ma Zhen Fang
    Price Unavailable

    Y075c|Yin Qiao San
    Price Unavailable
    Y100c|Yu Ping Feng San
    Price Unavailable
    X035|Xiao Chai Hu Tang
    Price Unavailable

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